decor-piatti-spaiati-5Let’s assume that, as usual, I did not do it on purpose.
It just happened, it’s so. I didn’t plan it. But there are some things in my house, put in the hands of a psychiatrist, a guru or an astrologer, they would leave pages and pages to write about.
Well, I’ve been living here for no more than 8 months. The fact that I din’t want to share my apartment with other people and that what I earn is not enough to allow me to live alone in London for long, I’ve always been aware of the fact that maybe I won’t live here for too long, so it’s quite useless furnishing and personalizing this house. I’m just on transit.
That’s why, I explained myself, I still have my old leather rigid bag as bedside table and my lingerie, the sexy one, is still placed in the pink luggage.
But… yesterday I was hanging out with my friend Justine. She had recently had a home party. i was there, but I don’t remember that much (as usual). She told a couple of white wine glasses were broken by someone, and she needed to buy new ones.
We entered the shop and she directly went to buy a set of six glasses. Beautiful. Pointlessly numbered of six. She lives alone. She is not married nor is planning to.
Not satisfied with that, she saw and fell in love with a cute tea cup.
Sure, she bought it. She bought two of it.

why? – I asked her.
why what?
why the hell are you buying a set of six when you had just two glasses broken. and why two cups? is not one enough?
well… sure not. It gives you the sense of… well, uncompleteness. don’t you think so?

No reply.
She invited me for dinner. I told her I had to work. It was true actually. But working was not the very first thing I did as soon as I got home.
I went and look my cups shelf.
As I supposed… no matched glasses. No matched cups. No matched plates.
That’s what I found:

Three different goblets, ‘borrowed’ from three different pubs, in 3 different cities (of 3 different countries, wtf!)
2 cups, they were already here when I arrived. They are different. It’s not my fault.
3 cups I bought. One in Malta (yellow, with a sketchy sun, handmade by a local artizan of St Giuliens). The second one with two cats. Found it here in London, for sale. The 3th, bought in NYC last Autumn.

Why do I never buy glasses and cups in amounts exceeding unity? And does it ever gives my guests the perception of unbalanced uncompleteness?


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