golden shoesWoke up with new shoes. It’s not a metaphor. I also wore a beautiful dress and a bit of headache.

After a party?… Well, no. Because of my job. But let me start from the beginning.
When you are given by the publisher you work for, 10 chapters of a novel (not an essay, a NOVEL), supposedly written by a novelist, and the novel is morphosyntactically unexceptionable but, what you’re asked is to put… just some emotion into it, then there are just 2 reactions that you can have:
A – or you just put your comfortable suits on, prepare a cup of tea, and start making what you are paid for
B – you start thinking about how absurd is to be paid for putting emotions in something that was supposed to be conceived to give emotions, a novel.
What’s the point of paying an author to write a novel if you know you’ll have to pay someone else to turn a “report” of a love story in the Second World War period into a novel? And… why on earth should I put again my idea of emotions into something that will not have my stupid name on it?
The answer is… because I’m not organized enough to build up a story, because emotions are not enough. But… is a ‘morphosyntactically unexceptionable style’ enough?
So, these are the two options when you are asked to make your (absurd) job.
Well, you can actually choose and follow both the options, but it would be quite clever to make it in the a – b order. If you follow the inverted order (b – a), you’ll risk to start working quite late, and probably to go on for the whole night and to spend the money of your absurd job to buy a new (maybe useless) golden high heels shoes.
So, I was a bit crazy, reflecting about absurdity and contradictions.
I went out and wandered wondering. And, wondering wandering, I bumped into my friend Amid. He has two golden haired children and a Russian wife. They both (Amid and Irina I mean) work in the food industry.
He told me they just had a quarrel with her, Irina.
He was not nervous.
It seemed those quarrels were so normal in his daily life.
‘You know, he told me, when you have two kids the problems are triple… so many reasons to have fights’
‘ Also love should be tripled, I thought’ .
‘Well, occasions to shag are less than a half. Much less… so’
‘Well, clear’.
After this quite predictable conclusion we drank our first shot of Vodka. I learned drinking vodka by Irina. It was quite like drinking to her.
So I told him about the reason of my quite bad mood. Well, even if I was not a non shagging parent in a family made up of 4 people and 2 babies, I was not ashamed about telling him that my issues were based on the stupid business (publishing) I work for. And I felt I had the right to make the second one shot cheers with Vodka.
Now, I should have been as wise as Amid and go straight back home, or I could… wander not wondering anymore. And stop in front of a glass showing me amazing golden shoes. High heels.
Couldn’t help it.
I was drunk. 8 pm and two vodkas. And I am in London in this period, and it’s not wise walking in London quite drunk and in a bad working mood. Not at Christmas time, when I’m supposed to be good and make a present to myself as many times as possible.
Bought them. And once arrived home I wore them and found they were perfect with my nail polish.
Well, I started making the most absurd job in the world but with my new (golden high heels) shoes and suddenly…. even putting some emotions in a novel was acceptable.
I also had my cup of vanilla and cinnamon tea. Didn’t wear comfortable clothes, because my hand and feet were so dressed up to deserve a beautiful and non comfortable red dress.
I worked this way, and it was less absurd than what I was doing.
Woke up dressed up, with new wonderful new shoes. I woke up leaning on the desk, next to my pc. Dressed up like a diva. After my private party with my bad-absurd-job mood.


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