F4It’s a couple of days, already.
I’m not thinking about Charles anymore. Even the fact that I’m not talking about him to anybody is a strong signal of the fact that it was something stupid. Just one moment.

It was so easy not thinking about him for a while.
It was even easier taking a train.
It was even funny taking an airplane and arriving to Italy. Where I was finally supposed to meet John. Well, deciding to meeting him was the only uneasy thing to do.

But who cares, since he finally didn’t come? So I can  enjoy my Italian trip without even caring about who am I with. So I don’t have to talk about myself, without being asked about my flirts/job/friends/job-flirts-with-friends (and friend’s flirting friends, as in the case of Charles). So I won’t finally end up feeling guilty, as usual.

Well, first step: ROME. Roma. It’s so cute to hear it pronunced by locals.
Anything is happening here in these days. That’s why I’ll probably take the train tonight and sleep over it. A new pope, a new government. And everyone here seems to be so expert of it all!
Not just expert, but deeply involved in everything, as if it’s always something personal. I might say that’s something they have in common with both Maltese and Irish People. If I consider some aspects of our common kind, I’d say Italians, more than England, have colonized both Ireland and Malta.

But… something said by a young boy I met in Trastevere at lunch time, maybe is the very right  justification of these similarities: all of us were colonized. We must have the critical attitude towards those who are there to ‘govern’ or lead us. Because everytime someone arrived to rule us, we were culturally raped. It’s always something personal.

Than we went on talking about their polical resuts. About the so called ‘ungovernability’ they are scared about now. My friend Mario seems quite surprised when I ask him ‘have you really been governed in the last 25 years?’.
Surprised he didn’t have a ready answer.


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